Monday, April 25, 2005

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If you attended the 2005 Telecoop conference, please share your experience by adding your comments to the highlights posts. You may want to begin reading this blog from the bottom. I don't know if it is possible to rearrange the order that the posts appear. I haven't figured it out yet if there is....


Highlights Day 3

Please add your comments about sessions you attended on Day 3...

Unfortunately, I only made it to one session on Friday:

9:00 am - Managing Disruptive Online Students - Catherine Flynn, Kaplan University

This was an excellent presentation. If you missed it - check out the Telecoop CD. The main thing I got out of the presentation is that if you are having problems with a particular student - "Pick up the phone!"

Sunday, April 17, 2005

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Highlights - Day 2

Add comments to this post about highlights from Day 2:

I attended the following sessions on Day 2:

8:30 - Vision of a Networked Learning Environment - Bb Presentation

I was interested in the other 2 sessions about Humanizing online courses but I attended this session instead to support Bb - I told had several conversations with Bb about why they should be a sponsor again this year at our conference. The presentation started with a cute video of young kids talking about teaching & learning as if they were college instructors. I also learned more about some of the upcoming features in future releases...

9:30 - Learning to Humanize your online course with Horizon wimba

This session was hampered by problems with our Internet connection. Jody from wimba really had to wing it but unfortunately we were not able to see much of the product...

The Learning Objects session was packed during this time. I saw a presentation by Lisa and Donna at a recent Telecoop meeting and would have liked to attend this session but standing-room only.

11:15 - Enhancing Existing Courses - Hal Nees (Metro)

This was a great presentation - I learned a lot from Hal He had lots of good handouts like an "Online Course Review Check Sheet." I also remembered Hal because we both participated in the Online Designer Learning certificate at last year's Telecoop conference.

Noon - Keynote Dr. Darcy Hardy, Asst VC & Director of the UT TeleCampus

Another excellent keynote presentation!!!!!!

1:45 - Retention of Online Math Students - Shawa Mahan & Julie Witherow - PPCC

This was an interesting presentation and talked about some of the challenges of teaching math online.

3:15 - Digital Datacasting - James Morgese, President & General Manager, RMPBSGood conversation and presentation...

4:15 - Using Voice Over IP to Supplement Distance Learning, Andreas Polycarpou, Paul Novak - University of Denver

This was an interesting presentation that included a nice overview of distance learning. I was really surprised how several students in this class really went out of their way to attend the VOIP sessions.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Telecoop Conference Blog

This blog was created in the hands-on session "Using blogs, rss feeds and postcasts at the 2005 Telecoop Conference. I decided that if the Blackboard Users conference could create a blog for their conference this week, Telecoop should have 1 too!

Highlights - Day 1

Add your comments about what you did on Day 1

I attended the following sessions on Wednesday:

Keynote Lunch - Dr. Michael Zastrocky

Enjoyed this very much. I plan to email him for a copy of his presentation. Anyone have the email - all i know for sure is

Hands-on - Using blogs, rss...

I don't have a lot of experience with blogs so this was very helpful. Decided to create a blog during this session that I might actually use...David and Alice did a very good job introducing this technology and other participants talked about how they are using them or a similar technology called "movable type."

Reception & Cash Bar
Bartender was tardy but didn't want to miss this VIP session. Food was great and my dinner!

p.s. After hearing the news this weekend - understand why one of the 4:15 sessions was cancelled. I thought I had heard that name before :=o